Foundation 2



We would like to give a warm welcome to all of our new Reception children and their families.  My name is Mrs Yeardsley and I will be your child's teacher during their time in Reception.  At the start and end of each day your child will work with their key worker, this will either be myself or one of our fabulous teaching assistants; Mrs Twiss and Miss McSweeney.   Throughout the day we work very much as a unit in the Foundation Stage; therefore, the other two important adults involved in your child's learning and development are Miss Talbot; our Nursery teacher, and Mrs Jackson, another wonderful teaching assistant.  

In Reception we follow the same curriculum as in Nursery; The Early Years Foundation Stage.  This is a play-based curriculum where the children gain skills through both child-initiated activities and adult-led learning.  

PE will take place every Wednesday morning; please make sure that your child has a full PE kit in school.  This can stay in school all term.

Homework will be given out weekly and will be handed out on a Friday with the expectation that it will be returned the following Thursday.   

Reading books with be changed weekly, they will be collected and changed every Thursday after school ready to be taken home again on the Friday to allow you to read with child over the weekend.

 During the summer term we will be learning about ........

Take a look what we have been learning about in Summer 1 and out trip to Delamere Forest.

Spring term 2017

Take a look at what we have been learning about this half term during our `People who help us topic`.

                                          Come and See 

Throughout this topic, we will know and understand...
The importance of our names - Explore
God knows and loves each one of us and God knows each person's name - Reveal
Remembering, celebrating and responding to the importance of names, and to God who knows each one by name and loves them - Respond

Suggestions for home: Draw pictures together of people that are precious to you.  Help your child to draw, paint or make a model of themselves.  Help you child to write his/her name.


This half-term we will be reading traditional tales and using props and small world characters to help us to retell the stories.  

Let us know which books are your families favourites!  

Suggestions for at home: Try to read your child a bedtime story each evening.  Read a range of things together; for example, fiction books, non-fiction books, menu, ticket, comics etc.

Use your imagination when telling your child a story or make one up together.  


When a child knows the proper sounds of the alphabet letters, he or she can use those sounds to sound out or decode a word. The more accurately the sounds are taught to children, the easier it will be for them to learn to read and spell.

Below is a short video clip to demonstrate how to accurately pronounce each sound.

Suggestions for home: Have a go at saying the sounds back and forth to each other.  When your child is sounding out a word at home, encourage them to use the correct pronunciation as this really will help them enormously to hear the word.   


In Maths we will be concentrating on number recognition between 1 and 20.  We will also be counting out objects from a larger group and matching the total to a number card.  

Suggestions for home: Look out for numbers in the environment with your child and point them out; for example, numbers on doors as you walk down the street.  Ask your child to pass you a given number of objects; for example, 'Please can you give me 8 coins?'