Year 1

Welcome to our year 1 page. On this page, we will share information about what we are learning in class and upload examples of our fantastic work each term. All the children have been working extremely hard and I appreciated all your support with your child's learning. 

Homework is sent out every Friday and should be back in school on a Wednesday. Your child is expected to read at home every night and learn their spellings each night too. Could you please also practise counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s with your children?


                                    Together we can achieve more.

Year 1 curriculum overview


Come and See 

Our sixth Come and See topic is 'Being sorry': The topic is split into three parts- Explore, Reveal and Respond.

Explore: we have choice – sometimes we choose well, and sometimes wrongly.

Reveal: God helps us to choose well and to be sorry. God forgives us.

Respond:  Acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the above


Making choices that made them feel happy?

Making choices that made them feel unhappy?

What helps them to make good choices?

How would the world be if everyone followed Jesus’ rule to ‘love one another’?

How is it sometimes hard to say sorry and forgive?



This term children have been working hard on counting, reading and writing numbers. They have enjoyed working on multiplication and division using arrays in our environment. Children then moved on to fractions and I am very proud of how hard they worked. There was some very high level thinkers.

I’m sure the children have told you about Goldilocks coming into our classroom and stealing all the three bear’s things. We then had to use our mathematical vocabulary to write a police report using positional language.

We have also been busy looking at shapes and  measuring things in our environment. This has involved measuring items, by length, capacity, weight and time.

Next term we will be focusing on number bonds as they are very important to children’s early understanding of Maths. Children need to know these off by heart up to 20. Alice has 7 how many does Stacy need? We start with 10 and work our way up to 20. I have attached some interactive games for your child to have a go at home.






In Computing we have been looking at Digital Literacy- Creating and Publishing. We have been exploring different tools used to create. This term we will be publishing our own story.




What toys did my grandparents play with when they were younger?

The children have really enjoyed stepping back in time to explore the Victorian era. They have enjoyed exploring the different toys and exploring events from the past. This term children will be looking at where they live. They will be looking at the country's and capital city's that make up the United Kingdom.  


Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our school?

We were very busy last term looking at the different birds and plants that grow in our school.

We have looked closely at the different plants and explored what they need to grow. We have been growing our own cress and observing them closely. We have also created our own experiment by putting one cress in the dark, one without water and one outside and we are observing them daily. We made  bird feeders to encourage birds to come to our garden. This term we will be looking at 'animals including humans'. The children are very excited about our trip to Knowsley Safari Park. 

Art / DT

During our Art lessons we will be looking at African art and we will be producing our own silhouette picture. In DT we have been busy making our own moving picture


This term we have been looking at team building and ball skills in multi-Skills. In Dance  we have been exploring different types of dance.


This term we will be enjoying the text 'Meerkat mail’. We will be using ‘Talk for Writing’ to emerge the children into the text. We will be  spending a lot of time exploring all the different languages used and will then be ready to write our own stories. The children are very excited about adding their own character to the story and have been working hard on sounding out their words.

We have also been working hard on remembering to think about our sentences and remembering to use our capital letters and full stop!

Children have been very busy practising their cursive writing. Try practising this at home. I have sent everyone a template home in their homework books.


As you are all aware the Phonics assessment is approaching in June. The children are all working very hard to pass this year. If children do not pass they will be able to re-sit in year 2 but with the added stress of SATS this is something we would like to avoid.

Phonics play is a fantastic resource for your children to practise their phonics at home.

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Below is a link to the 2016 test.