5th September -14th September 

We have been practicing how to write our names and have created wonderful self portraits. We have even had a go at labeling features such as our body, legs and head. 

Here is a few examples....

24th September - 5th October 

We have been studying the story The Leafman. We have had so much fun making and labeling our own Leafman.

8th October - 19th October

We have been looking at the story, Owl Babies. We have made our own puppets to retell the story, we spoke about and recorded who the character were and we even had a go at making our own Owl Babies book. 

29th October - 9th November 

We have been looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel. We have been retelling the story in the outdoor area and creating 'role on the walls' to describe the characters. This is in preparation for writing our character descriptions next week. Some children have even made their own gingerbread house from the story in the creative area. 

5th November - 16th November 

We have been reading the story How to Catch a Star. The children loved the idea of using a rocket to catch a star so we have been working on designing and making our own rocket. We will be writing our own instructions on how to launch a rocket too. 



We are currently working on our Phase 2 sounds. Below you will find a few links to different websites you might like to use at home. 

Phonics Play

Tricky Word Song