Lines of Interests


All About Me

During this topic we have been discussing what makes us special and we have also talked about the people who we love. 

We have been creating our own self-portraits and have paid close attention to the features we must include. 

Here are some of our wonderful self-portraits...


We had lots of fun making our own leafmen and labelling them. Some children even had a go at writing simple captions. 

Class Pet

 The children have been really interested in getting a class pet. We thought long and hard over what pet to get and decided on a land snail. The children helped create our snails home and we researched the different things he will need in order to grow. The children also decided our snails welcome to our class SPEEDY THE SNAIL. 

Spooky Themed Day

Our spooky themed day started out with a crime scene - a wicked witch had been in our classroom!! We then shared the story Room on the Broom. The whole day was filled with spooky activities such as pumpkin carving, potion making, silly soup creating and broomstick crafts. 

Where in the World 

We launched our own project called Where in the World. Each term we want to explore a different part of our world especially those countries that are important to the friends and family of Holy Spirit. We began by exploring Hungary and we were very fortunate to have the input from the Vadai family of things the children should explore. We looked at the language, food, dress, traditional games, how to count in Hungarian and much more.