This term we will be looking at different everyday materials

In year 1 children should be taught to:

·         distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made

·         identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock 

·         describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials

·         compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties

Beware! The big bad wolf will be visiting soon to test the materials you have chosen!


Today when we arrived into class a huge parcel was on the floor. In the bag we found the story of the ‘Three Little pigs’ with some puppets to help us retell the story. As we looked around the room we noticed that there was lots of different materials on the table. The pigs had left us a message asking us to to help them build a house using the different materials. We then had to answer the question. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using straw, wood and bricks?