Number and Place Value

This term we are focusing on our number work. We are spending our first few weeks looking at place value, learning how to compare and order numbers, how to represent them in different ways and how to read and write them in words and numerals. We will be working on fluency and arithmetic questions, before challenging ourselves with some reasoning and problem solving question. 


In addition this we will also be working on our times tables, focusing on accuracy as well as speed. Times tables will be tested weekly. I believe that maths should be as exciting and engaging as possible with interactive opportunities. With this in mind, here are some links to free maths games that can be enjoyed at home!


Spring Term- Multiplication and Division

This term we will be looking at multiplication and division paying close attention to using the correct mathematical vocabulary. Later on in the term we will be moving onto to measurement, which includes telling the time. It would be helpful if you could discuss this with your child if the opportunity arises.


We are still working on building up our times table speed (2,3,5 and 10)and we have found a game online that really helps us. Please see the links below. 


Spring- Measurement (Length, height, time, weight)

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at different methods of measuring. Measurement is an important skill to study because it is very applicable to real life. 

In our topic we have done some exciting practical activities:

  • Measuring how far we can run in 10 seconds to try to beat Usain Bolt. 
  • Weighing out things for a recipe.
  • Measuring who in our class has got the biggest hands and feet.  


There are lots of opportunities for measurement activities at home to ensure your child has a good understanding.