The Romans and Boudica

In Year 4 will be learning all about the Romans and how they defeated Boudica in the battles of conquering Britannia! We will be investigating the Roman invasion of Britain and how they changed events of the future. We will be looking at they became such a powerful force to be reckoned with and how they conquered many parts of Europe by looking at maps from Roman times and comparing them with maps of today.

 In Year 4 we will be combining our History and Geography learning with English genres where we will be writing as a Roman Legion and by looking at co-ordinates on maps for our maths learning.

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We will be visiting the DEWA in Chester on Friday 15th March 2019, where the children will have the opportunity to dress up as a Roman Soldier and parade through the streets of Chester. This is then followed by a tour of the museum which is an actual archaeological dig. We are really excited about our Roman learning and will be sharing some of it with you during our Learn and Share.