In Year 4 the children will be learning a brass instrument as part of the Wider Opportunities muic programme run by St Helens Music Service. This will continue in Spring Term as the children are given the chance to learn different notes, read basic notation of music and perform as a class.

Our brass lessons take place on a Wednesday morning therefoer if your child takes home their instrument to practice please ensure it is retunred to school on a Wednesday for their practice lesson.

There will be a performance at the end of the year wich is a fabulous way of the children showcasing their new musical talents to you.

There may be opportunities for the children to continue with their instrument lessons into Year 5 based on the success of their learning in Year 4.

During special events where the children will be singing in school or church we will combine with another class to learn these songs with our singing teacher.

Choir, which is one of our clubs, will take place on a Friday at lunchtimes.