During our science lessons we will be looking at many different topics such as electricity, sound, animals inclduing humans, habitats and exploring materials and their properties.

We will be starting off our science learning by looking at teeth and eating. We will be aiming to discover the importance of healthy teeth and how we can keep our teeth and gums in good condition. We will be looking at teeth of other animals including humans and how they are different to ours and for what reasons.

We will be conducting an investigation into the best and worst drinks for our teeth and dental health. We will be making predictions using  a question we want to answer. Our science lessons will be practical and thought-provoking and as such the majority of the learning will be child led.

Every two weeks we will be conducting WOWs to promote awe and wonder of scientific events and how things happen. We are really looking forward to becoming super scientists during our time in Year 4.