Art and Design

The Arts at Holy Spirit

Let's get creative!At Holy Spirit we nurture the creativity of our children and we encourage them to produce creative work whilst exploring ideas and using their fantastic imaginations.This year we have invested a lot of time into our learning environments to enable our wonderful children to be immersed in the topics that they are currently learning about.

The document below contains the Programmes of Study for the New National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2.  It outlines what is taught in Art and Design throughout the school.



Parliament Projects 

For Parliament week each of our classes designed and made a landmark from around the UK. The children used a range of different skills in Design and Technology across the school to produce some fantastic models.  

Year 2 Glass Painting

Year 2 Visited the World of Glass.


Year 6 Workshop with Dave Bixter

'Year 6 were lucky enough to enjoy a full day workshop with artist Dave Bixter. During the day they used our sketch books to experiment with shapes and lines.  They learnt all about negative space, how to use viewfinders and then created a collage of their work together.


Year 4 Roman Artwork

Roman Artwork

In Numeracy we have created Symmetrical Roman mosaics, which we found many wealthy Romans would have in their homes. Mosaics were very popluar in Roman times and depicted everything from patterns to pictures of Gladiators.

In Art we created Roman shields and swords which we designed and painted in typical Roman colours.

Holy Spirit Art Club

Well what a fantastic time we have been having... The after school club takes place on a Wednesday and the children are welcomed in , to a relaxing atmosphere, were music is playing and ideas are shared.   We have worked on several projects and started with 'selfies'

What do you think? Guess who's who?

Within one of our staff meetings the teachers took part in an art session.  The idea was that we could use the suggestions as starting point within our classroom.  We, then talked and shared ideas generated.  During the session we were aware of how some of some of us felt comfortable and willing to have a go and some were a little unsure.  As a staff, this has made us more aware of how the children may feel and we realise that 'Art is in the eye of the beholder'

Abstract chalk faces from Key Stage 1

Who is who?

Within the Art club we did some observational chalk pictures of flowers and made them into special cards...

Foundation stage colour mixing and having lots of fun...

Design and Technology at Holy Spirit

Year 4 City Skyscrapers

Year 4 Roman pots

Year 6 Bread Making

Christmas Fayre


House Trip to Legoland