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Hello and welcome to our Geography page!


The main aim of Geography within our school is to help inspire pupil’s curiosity, interest and fascination about the world around them. We also aim to help them gain a better appreciation and understanding of the variety of physical and human conditions on the earth’s surface. We aim to do this through planning fun and engaging lessons.

National Curriculum:

The document below contains the Programmes of Study for the New National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2.  It outlines what is taught in Geography throughout the school.

World News!

This year we are very excited to continue our World News Stations in our classrooms.

Each month we will be focusing on a different country and carrying out research to help develop our geographical knoweldge and understanding. We will then share our finding on our News Stations and website.

Bring in a headline, picture or fact about our chosen country and get 10 house points for your team!  


World New stations:

What's in the news?

December 2017:

Within our World News topic this month, we have been looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The countries we looked at were: Spain, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Germany and Scandinavian countries.


January and February 2018:

Our new topic this month will be Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Friday 16th February. 

As part of our Chinese New Year topic we had an amazing afternoon learning all about the traditions that take part on this special occasion. We had a fantastic time learning Chinese dances, making Chinese lanterns and discovering which zodiac animal we are. Have a look at out pictures below.  


Chinese New Year at Holy Spirit. 

Geography in the classroom:

Year 3:


Year 3 have made an explosive start to the new term. They have been learning all about volcanoes and what makes the earth angry. 

Take a look at some of their fantastic volcano art work...