In September 2012 Archbishop Patrick Kelly changed the order of the Sacrament of Initiation to Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion. Since that time parishes have been using the With You Always family catechesis programme to support parents in passing on their Catholic faith to their children. This is because parents are the first and best educators in the ways of faith. 
When your child begins Year 4 you will have the opportunity to join the programme. As a parent and/or carer you are invited to come along to the sessions and work alongside your child in their preparations. The sessions are usually held on the second/third Thursday of every month from September right through to Easter the following year when your child will make their First Holy Communion during the Mass.

Whilst this preparation is run by parish catechists, sessions are held in St. Vincent's Church. They begin at 6.00 p.m. and last approximately an hour. Mrs Ravey and Miss Walsh also usually attend the sessions. 

Please click on the link below and watch the new video clip which explains a little more about the process and might answer some of your initial questions.

If your child is not baptised Catholic and you want more details about how to go about that then please contact the Parish Office on 811935 and leave a message for Father Jean Paul.  If you have any other queries please contact Miss Walsh or Mrs Angela Roberts(Our RE Governor and Catechist) (through the school office) who will be only too happy to help you.

Dates of Sessions 2018-2019

Please click on the link below for the dates and session times for this years preparation.

With You Always dates and times for 2018-2019 

Remember:  If you know you cannot make a session at your regular location you can attend the alternative session in the same week.

Our first family mass with Father Jean Paul

Thank you to Father Jean Paul for our lovely family mass on Sunday 23rd September. Mrs Ravey and Miss Walsh were so proud of the children that attended. We know that some of them missed the photo opportunity so may not be in the photos below. It was great to see our parents showing their commitment to their children’s sacramental journey. Father Jean Paul asked all of the St Vincent’s community to prayer for all of our children making their sacraments of reconciliation and first communion this year. It was lovely how he involved the children in the mass as they processed in with him and stood on the altar for the whole congregation to see them at the start of mass. Before Holy Communion Father Jean invited all of the children onto the altar and they said the Our Father together. Mrs Ravey and Miss Walsh took the offertory gifts of bread and wine to the altar.