Mission Statement


Holy Spirit is a secure, friendly and faith-centered community where we seek to realise the full potential of all our members through the living love of Christ.

All our work with children and their families, staff, governors, parishioners and the wider community is influenced by Gospel values.

Our Mission Statement

At Holy Spirit,
With Christ as our inspiration,
Our love of one another,
Love of learning
And love of life itself
We will soar to new heights.


Live, Love, Learn

Key aims of Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

  • To be a living Christian community rooted in gospel values.
  • To provide a rich education which nurtures and inspires all to learn and achieve.
  • To create a harmonious partnership between our parish, homes and the wider community.


We will achieve these aims by:

  • Developing moral values which lead to purposeful, fulfilled lives in harmony with others of all cultures, and we respect the belief of others within a Christian ethos.
  • Promoting a safe, rich and stimulating learning environment, rooted in gospel values and inviting all learners in our community to build their lives around these values.
  • Valuing and celebrating diversity, whilst working together to pursue the common good.
  • Developing positive standards of behaviour which will promote the dignity and self-esteem of all learners, and encouraging children to grow in responsibility for their own safety and conduct.
  • Promoting consistently high educational standards, so that all children can achieve their full uniqueness and potential, through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Encouraging independence and responsibility, for oneself and others, by building confidence in secure and happy environment.
  • Promoting equal opportunities for all, showing concern and respect for others.
  • Using different methods in teaching, including collaborative learning, to appreciate the value of working together.
  • Providing an inclusive education so that all forms of achievement and learning styles are valued and celebrated.
  • Raising standards through our planning, recording ad assessment of individual progress and setting learning targets so that all children achieve their full potential.
  • Making the most efficient and effective use of all available resources.
  • Promoting the effective development of all members of the school community.
  • Welcoming families, parishioners and members of the wider community into school.


Together we will soar to new heights.