Come and See RE

Autumn 1: Reception have started Come and See this year by looking at the Jewish faith. We read the story of Hanukkah, we used play-dough and lights to create our own Menorah (lamp) and we learnt how to play the traditional game dreidel. 

Autumn 2: This half term the children have been studying the Christmas story. Not only have we held our own nativity but we have also explored how it feels waiting for a birthday by preparing a party for our class bear Bob. We then learnt the Christmas story and retold this in our own words too. 

Spring 1: We have been learning all about celebrations. We started by talking about our own experiences through circle time and drawings. We then explored the story of when Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple. We retold this story by using the puppet show, role play and writing the story in our own words. To finish our topic and to go forth we all received our own invitation to a whole class celebration. It was great fun. 

Spring 2: Over the past few weeks we have been exploring the topic 'gathering.' We explored what it feels like to gather with others and why it is important for us to share experiences with our friends and family. We then look further into the meaning of gathering through the story pf The Little Children and Jesus (Mark 10:13-16.) The children really enjoyed this and created beautiful art work and puppets to retell the story in their own words. 

Summer 1: