During our time in Reception we will be learning how to read and write through our daily phonic sessions. We begin with Phase 1 where we learn how to listen carefully and to orally blend and segment words, then we move on to Phase 2 and 3. In Phase 2 and 3 we learn letter sounds, develop our reading skills and become confident in writing simple words and even sentences.

Below are some useful websites your can visit at home to help your child in with their phonics....


Phonics Play

Family Learning - Phonics Play

Alphabet Song 

Now that we are in  summer term and preparing for our big move into year 1, the children will begin Phase 4 and 5. This is a higher level of phonics and continues to build upon what they have been learning so far. You can continue to use all the games suggested above but you may also like the try some of the same below which better match phase 4 and 5. 

Phonics Bloom