We do guided reading sessions and individual readers each day as we strive to make reading a real strength in Reception. The children love taking part in our guided reading sessions with Miss Talbot where they get to explore the sounds they have learnt during phonics along with spotting and reading tricky words. 

Your child will also have their own reading book which will be read with them in school. It is important that you read this with them at home too. Reading the same book more than once will help your child grow in confidence and also help them to become more familiar with new words. Please try to read with your child every night and make sure their book bag is in school everyday so they have the opportunity to read with an adult. 



We have started the year with practicing how to write our name. We have worked really hard on this and would appreciate if grown ups at home would encouraged your child to continue practicing this at home too. 

Our writing skills are improving tremendously. We are working on writing full sentences using the phonic sounds we know. We are being reminded to use capital letters, full stops and spaces.  

Take a look at some of our most recent work...

Jack and the Beanstalk writing...

Dinosaur writing...


Each Friday spellings will go home and each Monday we will have a spelling test. The words in the spelling tests are based on the sounds your child has covered in phonics during the week and it is really important that they learn them so they can continue to move on through the spelling stages. 

First 100 High Frequency words - words reception children are expected to read and write