We have a Guided Reading session every day, which consists of : reading with me, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Green, independent comprehension activities and read for pleasure in our pirate ship. The children are really enjoying our class text this term 'Lost and found'.

Your child will also read their own reading book in school. Please try and read with your child reads every night at home and ensure that they have their book bag with them each day. Children need to read each book more than once to ensure they become familiar with tricky words. 


This term we are still working very hard on our cursive handwriting. I have put a template in each child's homework book along with a copy of the rhyme we use. If you could practise a letter a day with your child it would really help them to develop quickly. This would mean your child will be able to focus on what they are writing instead of how they are writing early on. We are also focusing on sounding out our words to ensure they are readable.

 Children are also starting to write sentences and we are busy working on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also been working on making our sentences more exciting by adding adjectives and connectives. We are starting to use more adventurous vocabulary and we are working hard to ensure our writing flows and makes sense to the reader.

Assessing Writing Sheet Year 1..doc


Phonics is a vital part of learning to read and write and your child will take part in daily phonics sessions. Could you please ensure your child is on time for school as these sessions are first thing in the morning and it is important that your child does not miss them. I have attached some useful links below

Phonics play

Phase 3 phonics song

Phase 2 song


Each Friday spellings will go home and each Wednesday we have a spelling test. These are based on the sounds your child has covered in phonics that week and it is really important that they learn them so they can move onto the next stage.