This week in Year Two we have started to write an explanation task all about the life cycle of a sunflower. First of all, we had to plant our own sunflower seeds and gather our ideas together for our work to make sure that we have enough information to plan our writing. Below are some photographs of us gathering our ideas in class with Mrs Marsh and planting sunflower seeds outside the class with Mr Platt. We are really enjoying exploring the sunflower life cycle!



We all take part in guided reading sessions everyday and the children are listened to read by an adult at least twice a week.It is vital your child brings their book to school every day so that they can be read with. Please always sign your child's home reading record to say that you have read with them. It is vital that your child is read with at home as much as possible and please encourage a love for reading.

In Year 2, we have written an acrostic poem all about spring! Firstly, we went on a winter and senses walk around the school grounds. We discussed and noted down some of the exciting and wintery vocabulary that we could use in our poem. We all worked really hard and were bbbrrrrrrrilliant at this!

We have been writing instructions in Year Two. We wrote instructions on how to make toast and how to make apple crumble. In our lessons, we first made apple crumble and toast to see how it was done. We then progressed to writing our own instructions that somebody could follow in order to make both toast and apple crumble. We worked so hard and produced some amazing work!