What was it like in Ancient Greece?

Year 3 enjoyed an amazing day learning all about the Ancient Greeks!  We had a fantastic workshop and really enjoyed dressing up in our costumes!





Look how great we look in our costumes!




Who were the Victorians?

We have got a fantastic topic this half term learning all about the Victorians and the impact they had on St Helens. 


We will be looking at what life was like for a child during this era and they type of work they would have completed. We will also be taking part in our own Victorian day within school were we will act out a traditional day at school during the Victorian period. Remember to keep looking on our page to see our pictures. 

On Tuesday 16th January, we will be going on a class trip to Tatton park to take part in a Victorian learning experience. Remember to wear your costumes and wrap up warm as they did not have central heating in those day! 


What makes the earth angry? 

We have got an amazing topic this half term learning all about what makes the earth angry!

We will be learning all about the World's most famous volcanos, where they are and finding out what causes volcanoes to erupt. We will also be looking closely at the different layers that  make up a volcano and what the advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano are ( I'm pretty sure there are more disadvantages)


Year 3 were set a task over half term which involved them making their own volcanoes.

Take a look at some of the fantastic volcanoes we have made!


More photos to follow!