In Year Three we are going to be looking at different topics but our first topic is all about plants!

We have already learnt about the different parts of the plant and its functions.  We know that each part of the plant helps the plant to grow.

We are just completing an investigation to see what plants need to survive.  We have some plants in the cupboard (with no sunlight), some in the fridge (no heat from the sun), some without soil and some without water.  We can't wait to find out the results...

Can you keep this plant alive?  

Click the link below and see how you can help the plant to grow:

Help the plant to grow   

Help Sparky


We will be completing some experiments that will make you go WOW!  Our first one last week, involved M&M's.  Can the 'M' float?  (But Mrs Lamble could only get skittles so we were looking for the 'S'.

We watch in anticipation...




We could see the 'S' float to the surface.  Why do you think this happens?


What happens when you add an egg to vinegar?

Look at our faces as we watch and wait!  We are not sure about the smell though!  

We left the egg for 24 hours and it reacted with the vinegar and the egg was like a bouncy ball!  WOW!