During Summer Term we will be visiting each of the following subjects again in a more in depth way. Over the year we have added to our knowledge of these topics in science and will continue to do so.

In science we will be introducing our topics with a wow lesson where we set ourselves an investigative task.

Animals including Humans: We will be focusing on Animals Including Humans and learning about human teeth and animal teeth. We will be investigating how different liquids can damage our teeth and how we can keep them clean and healthy.

Sound: In our Sound topic, we will be learning how vibrations create sounds and how noise can be quiet and loud.

Electricity: We will be making electrical circuits and investigating which equipment we need in order for the circuit to work successfully. We will be learning how breaking the circuit stops the power.

Living Things and their Habitats: Our lessons will be focusing on vertebrates and invertebrates, classifying animals and understanding their habitats and how these can be affected by human intervention.

States of Matter: We will be sorting different materials based on their properties of how they feel, what they are made of, how suitable they are for a specific purpose and if we could choose a better material option.