Outlined below is the format we are using for writing in Year 5 and across the school:

Gather it- using stimulus from teacher the children are shown models of intended genre and magpie key words/vocabulary/SPAG focus that they could use the next day for planning their write up. These ideas can be written down and displayed for the children in class.

Plan it- children are given a template to plan their write based on modelled ones that they have seen in the 'Gather it' stage. Included here are examples of vocabulary/sentences that the children can magpie to help them structure their ideas.

Write it- children complete first draft of their write. 

Edit / Revise it- with purple pen, a lesson is spent up-levelling work against marking ladder and pupil conference with 

Final draft- children then publish their final piece of writing in their best handwriting.


In Year 5 we have used this format to write our own instruction text based on the text 'The Lost Happy Endings.'