In Autumn term, the children will be studying the classification of animals and using the Linnaean system to help them research different animals. We will also be looking at the circulatory system and making our own working diagrams of the heart. In Evolution, the children will research the history or different animals and how they have evolved to adapt to their environments.


Tornado in a Jar

Mixing washing up liquid with water and swirling the jar causes a miniature tornado. We compared this to the mixture of hot and cold air in a real tornado.

Here are some of the themes that have inspired our Science work this term...

Have a look at some of our fabulous experiments and work from this term.

We have written a documentary script as David Attenborough (some of us even sounded just like him!) We have also looked at the effect of smoking on the lungs, created circuits that could light our own lighthouses, completed a bleep test and recorded the results - everyone did so well!