This week the children have been learning about the Nativity story. The children enjoyed making a crib for baby Jesus and using the small world nativity set to retell the story of Jesus’s birth in their own words.

Nursery are learning about the meaning of a birthday. The children enjoyed creating a class birthday display and discussing which children were born in the same month as them. There was lots of maths opportunities to identify which month of the year had the most birthdays and which month had the fewest. 


This term in Nursery we are learning all about belonging.We will be talking about how we are welcomed into school everyday, make observations how a baby is welcomed into their own family and learn about how we are welcomed into God’s family.



Peyton “The Godparents help the Mum and Dad look after the baby.”

Carys “When a baby gets the water poured onto its head it’s means they are part of God’s family.” 

Jessica “A baby shower to welcome the baby.”

Emily “The preiest says a little prayer to make the water special.”

George S “Puts a cross on the babies head.”

Logan “They have a party for the baby.”

George B “The baby wears a white dress.”

Our Baptism 

We have been very busy this week in Nursery. To celebrate the end our our belonging topic the children acted out Baptism, by making a sign of the cross on the baby’s head and turning on a candle to welcome the baby into God’s family.


Our Nursery children enjoyed making a welcome sign to display in our entrance area to welcome everyone into the EYFS unit. We decide decorated the sign with handprints to represent waving at others to say hello.


The children have been learning all about myself. We made models of our family, we made handprints and carved our name into the play dough and in collective worship we talked about Jesus is everyone’s friend.