Home Learning for week commencing Monday 18th May. Access the Oak National Academy using the link below!

Year 1 Home learning - Mrs Sharrock

Hello Year 1. Remember to keep learning and keep your brains and your bodies active. This week I would like you to access your learning through the Oak Academy. Click on the link below which takes you to the learning for this week (Week Commencing 18th May 2020)



RE Learning - Pentecost Week Commencing 18th May

Click on the links below to access these activities. 

Pentecost Story

Pentecost Activity Sheet

Here's some home learning you can print out and complete at home. Parents answers are included. 

Maths Home Learning Booklet

English Home Learning Booklet

Phonics Home Learning Booklet

Home Learning Booklet Science

What you need to be learning each week...

Remember to do some Maths, Phonics, Reading and Writing every day. There is also some creative learning for you to try! Don't forget to get some exercise too. Can you stretch out like these guys below?

Some other fun resources I have signed you up for.

Sumdog Maths where I can challenge you to quizzes. You can also access lots of fun maths learning and resources. Click on the link below to find your username and password. You can access Sumdog at www.sumdog.com

 Sum Dog Login Details Year 1 

Don't forget times Tables Rockstars. I can see on the website who is working super hard!

Below are some links to websites to help you with home learning. Check them out! They're fun!


This week in Science you can learn hall about mirrors - click on the link below to find out what you need to do. Tweet your pictures of your science learning to our Twitter page! @HolySpiritWA9









Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar





Check out Monster Phonics FREE resources. See below for information on how to access it! Enjoy


Have fun with your learning Year 1!