Come and See

Domestic Church - Homes

In RE we are looking at the topic Family. We will discuss what the word 'family' mean to us and the journey of the church year. Through out our learning journey we will be exploring:

  • What does the word ‘family’ mean to you?
  • What people do you associate with ‘family’?
  • What joys and sorrows do you remember of family life?

We will also be lookin at how Christians idea of family life is found in the Scriptures and that God is the loving parent of the human family and Jesus was born and lived in a human family. ideal.

Some children will be able to ask and respond to questions about their own and others’ experiences and feelings about homes.

Some children will be able to ask questions about what they and others wonder about what makes a house a home and realise that sometimes this is a difficult question to answer.

Some children will be able to make links to show how feelings and beliefs affect how they, their behaviour and that of others in relation to the give and take of living in a family.

Some children will be able to compare their own and other people’s ideas about the difficult question of what make a house a home.

Prayer and Reflection


Father, creator of all,

you ‘ordered the earth’ to bring forth life
and crowned its goodness by

creating family life.

Teach us the beauty of human love,
show us the value of family life

and help us to live in peace
with everyone.



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Our next topic is about BAPTISM/CONFIRMATION – BELONGING. We will begin by exploring the importance of welcome, of feeling comfortable with new situations and belonging to new groups. We will also be discussing:

  • What experiences of belonging can you recall in the family, at work or in leisure time?
  • Are these good experiences? Are there any difficulties?
  • What difference does ‘belonging’ make in your life?