Year 3 Home learning -  Mrs Martin and Mrs Hodgson 


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Home Learning Week Beginning 6th  June 2020

This week I would like you to access your English and Maths learning through BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons.  Click on the link below to check out your weekly learning.


If you prefer paper based work. Click on the link below and create your own masterpiece based on imaginary worlds.



 Remember, we have Year 3 learning packs in the school office. Please ring school before coming to pick one up.  



Reading Plus

We done to those of you who are continuing to use Reading Plus at home, it has been wonderful to see some new names on our leader board 

Reading plus leader board

Week 1: Megan 

Week 2: Riley 

Week 3: Ella

Week 4: Riley and Ella

Week 5: Isabella

Week 6: Natalia

Week 7: Natalia

Week 8: Natalia



We had a slight dip in our weekly arithmetic text last week, remember to check Twitter for daily updates and fun activities.


Maths arithmetic winners:

Wk1: Amelia, Riley, Billy and Harvey

Wk2: Billy. runners up - Riley, Harley J and Ella 


Week 3: Billy. Runners up Riley, Harley J

Week 4: Riley. Runner up - Natalia 

Week 5. Madison. Runners up Riley and Natalia

Week 6: Natalia


It has been lovely seeing some new names on the leaderboard this week. Keep it up everyone.  


It is really important that you read every day Year 3. Here are some activities for you to complete

  1. Reading Plus - -  this should be completed daily. We need to boost our Reading Plus logs and get to the top of the leaderboard!  
  2. Reading for pleasure - choose one of your own books and simply enjoy
  3. If you have read all your own reading books at home, why don't you have a look at the following website:

It is an online library of over 7000 books - they are read to you as well! So maybe you can listen to these before you go to bed!





If you access Lexia in school, you should also be accessing it at home if you can, as part of your daily learning.



We will be having an arithmetic test on Friday at 10am on twitter. The first three children to post the most correct answers will be the winners. Please reply to the test on twitter so I can check the winning times. Remember you can still do the test at home if you prefer not to be in the competition you could just upload your test later on



Times Tables Rock Stars

It is important to learn your times tables and Times table Rock Stars is a great site to help you! 

Login everyday! 

Remember you should be also spending ten minutes each day working on your column addition and subtraction.We worked so hard to develop this skill it would be a shame if you forgot it. Parents/carers websites like schoolrun/youtube are fantastic for explaining methods that might have changed since you went to school.


Free Maths and English resources:

Afternoon subjects


Try to complete some form of physical exercise every day, this will boost your energy and help to keep you motivated. Here are some activities you could try: 

Joe Wicks is live every morning at 9:00 am

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Football ideas:

Football drills to do in your garden


  Come and See 

Key Questions:

    • How does the Sacrament of Reconciliation help people?
    • How would you prepare to celebrate this Sacrament?
    • How do you think you could make up for any hurt and harm caused?
    • What difference might this Sacrament make to the one who receives it?



      • Make a glossary of the key words and phrases which have been learnt.
      • Act of Sorrow: give the children a copy of this prayer. Talk about its meaning and explain that grace is the touch of God’s love in our lives. (There may be local parish versions of this. If so use these.) Ask the children to write their own prayer of sorrow.

    • O my God because you are so good,

      I am very sorry that I have sinned against you

      and with the help of your grace I will not sin again. Amen





SCIENCE - Experiments

This week we would like you to create your own experiment. There is some great ideas in the link below. You could create your own lava lamp or create expanding soap. Post your pictures on twitter so we can see your creation. Have fun scientists.