Come and See

 During the Autumn term, we will be learning about Family, Baptism and Confirmation, Advent and Christmas and exploring Judaism as our other faith topic. Our children will have weekly opportunities to plan Collective Worship for the whole class, choosing a topic 

Domestic Church – Family - People

Children will learn about the family of God in scripture.  The church names the family ‘The Domestic Church’ where children may begin to understand the church which is ‘nothing other than the family of God.’  This topic explores the truth that Jesus had a natural family with real people with names and a history.

 Baptism/Confirmation – Belonging

 Children will learn that Jesus gives himself to us in a special way through Baptism and confirmation people are given the gift of the Holy Spirit and are called to respond in their lives.

 Advent/Christmas – Loving - Gifts

In this topic, children will learn that the Gods gift of Jesus is a gift of love to all people of all time.  Jesus reveals God’s love for humanity and the possibility of friendship.  This gift s celebrated each Christmas.  During the season of advent, we explore this gift of love and the promise of Jesus’ return at the end of time.


An important part of our Religious Education we promote tolerance and understanding of other religions. This term we are learning about Judaism.