During the Spring Term we will be learning different styles of writing from diary entries to newspaper reports. We will be promoting independent learning by encouraging the children to think of their own content for fiction and non-fiction writing. We will be using a process which aims to help our children to write a perfect piece which they are proud of. We are linking our learning to class book which the children will use as a catalyst for our writing genres.

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The presentation of our children's work is very important. We want all children to take pride in their work and neat handwriting is part of this aim. We have a handwriting scheme which will help the children tp learn the skills of cursive handwriting. If your child is able to write neatly, consistently and joined up, they will receive a pen licence and a fabulous new handwriting pen. Please help your child by practicing their handwriting at home when doing homework. 


Spellings will be sent home on a Friday as part of the weekly homework pack. We will have a spelling test on a Monday. Spellings will be practiced daily during our handwriting practice sessions. Children will be tested on the same spellings on a Friday where we expect to see an improved score. Please help your child by encouraging them to practice their spellings regularly.


Each day we will have our Word of the Day! The children will be given a word and they will need to find it's meaning and use it in context that day. This aims to improve or children's range of vocabulary and broaden their word knowledge. The aim of this is to assist when children are reading tricky words and their comprehension.


We will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes which is a fabulous book of adventure. We will have daily Guided Reading sessions where we will be learning how to retrieve information from a text as well as learning how to 'read between the lines' of a text. We will also be reading a class novel where we will be able to immerse ourselves in a story which is linked to our topic. The children will be given the opportunity to read aloud in class which can help with our children's confidence. Children will be bringing home a reading book and we encourage you to listen to your child read and record this in their reading records. Super readers make super writers! We are fortunate at Holy Spirit to have lots of fabulous books for our children to read and we will be encouraging all children to read different types of writing to broaden their understanding of literature.

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