Year 5 Home learning - Mr Platt

Hello Year 5, I hope you are all safe and well. I'm missing our class and I can only imagine how much you're all missing my dazzling personality and hilarious jokes.

Below are some activities which you can do at home this week. Remember, you don't need to recreate school exactly at home, but doing some reading, maths and writing is really important. The times written in red are only suggestions, it's up to you how and when you do things. 

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Try to start each day with a bit of light exercise. The Joe Wicks PE workout is really good fun, it's also great for using all sorts of different muscles and it wakes you up too- Mr Platt certainly needs a bit of time to wake up in the morning. If you don't want to spend your time in front of a screen, have a sit in your garden, do some of your own stretches, play with a football/rugby ball/tennis ball, do some skipping, ask your parents if you can go for a walk. Most importantly, give yourself some time to wake up properly. Have some breakfast and take this time to relax- it's really important that you look after yourselves.

Some of these links below may be of use to you:

Joe Wicks workout

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Football drills to do in your garden


Time for some reading.

Reading Plus is a really simple thing to do- you all know how to use it and everything is personalised to you. This should be done most days (if not every day), even if it is only for a short amount of time. I will be keeping a close eye on the Reading Plus website and will use Marvellous Me to send your parents any certificates that you earn. Also... Prizes for effective Reading Plus use and highest scores will be given out when we return to school!

If you don't want to do Reading Plus reading, read your own book instead. It would be great if you read to your parents and kept a note of when you have read in your yellow reading records.

Reading is a really important life skill and something that you need to keep practising.

Reading Plus Log In


Maths- yours and Mr Platt's favourite lesson!

During this time, if you struggle with your times tables, get practising them! Use Times Tables Rockstars to practise all your times tables, up to 12x12. I'll be on TTRS too and I will be accepting any challenges that you send my way- I might even let some of you win, if I'm feeling generous that is. You don't even need to use TTRS if you don't want to because there are so many other ways for you to practise your times tables. Below is a link to TTRS and a website that explains all about the importance of times tables, as well as providing free games, videos and a useful booklet. 

Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Help

Instead of Times Tables, you can do other maths. The link below for the BBC Bitesize can be used as it offers a number of online lessons, all linked to the Year 5 curriculum. This week (week beginning 13th July) please complete the following lessons:

Monday- Regular and Irregular Polygons

Tuesday- Identify 3D shapes from 2D representations

Wednesday- Reflection

Thursday- Translation

Friday- Complete Week 12 Challenges for Year 5

BBC Bitesize Year 5

Also, there is a website called IXL Maths Practise. When you click on the link below, you are taken straight to the Year 5 Maths skills. There are 265 different mathematical skills that you can practise related to the curriculum. This website is another interactive, enjoyable way to either consolidate previous skills or learn new maths altogether.

The school's free trial to has come to an end and unfortunately it will not be purchased. However, if you want to, it still can be used, but only for a certain amount of time and there will be no login for the children.

IXL Maths Skills


Writing or Spelling/Grammar.

I know writing is quite different in school, but what you can do in this time is practise your handwriting and do some of your own original writing. You might like to keep a diary, detailing each day of your life in isolation (as we are currently living through history) and who knows? In the future, your writing might be worth a lot of money or put into a museum. An alternative to a diary entry could be an information poster all about how to protect ourselves against the virus. You could research it and create a poster all about how to stop the spread. Remember, to use lots of Year 5 language choices, such as:
-Fronted adverbials (happily, in the morning, from behind the tree).

-Relative clauses (who, whose, which, where, when, that).

-Apostrophes for omission and possession.

-Expanded noun phrases ('the tree' becomes 'the huge, oak tree stood proudly next to the playground').

The other expectations can be found on the document attached below.

Year 5 Writing Expectations

Alternatively, there is a link below for the BBC Bitesize website, which can also be used. This website offers a number of online English lessons, again linked to the Year 5 curriculum. It is a really good way of keeping up and extending your English skills. This week (week beginning 13th July), complete the following lessons:

Monday- Writing a newspaper report Activity One

Tuesday- Writing a newspaper report Activity Two

Wednesday- Writing a newspaper report Activity Three

Thursday- Writing a newspaper report Activity Four

Friday- Grammar Hammer 6 from below

BBC Bitesize

Below are some grammar hammer activities that you can complete as well as the Year 5/6 spelling list. You could select a few words from the list per day and do a spelling scribble in the books you were given when we finished.

Year 5/6 Spelling List

Grammar Hammer 1

Grammar Hammer 2

Grammar Hammer 3

Grammar Hammer 4

Grammar Hammer 5

Grammar Hammer 6

If you are on Lexia, remember to keep logging on and using that as well. There's a video link below which gives a bit more information about the programme for parents. 

Lexia video

Monday PM- Come and See (RE)

Today's RE lesson is about Jesus appearing to his disciples after his death- this is known as Pentecost. Read the two pieces of scripture attached below and think carefully about the following questions:

About the Pentecost story:

-What changes can you find in people’s feelings, actions and words?
-How did the crowd react?
-How did the onlookers respond?

About Peter’s message:

-What did Peter tell the people of Israel to do?
-How did the people respond to Peter’s message?
-How did it shape their lives?

Your task today is to imagine you were in Jerusalem at the time and have just been baptised. Write a letter to a friend who has not heard about Jesus, giving reasons to show how belief in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit has empowered you and changed your life.

Acts 2: 1-43

Acts 2: 32-39 & 41-42

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday PM- PATHS & SEL


Remember to give someone a compliment, and yourself, a compliment everyday. Today's task is for you to write down three compliments for somebody that you live with and one for yourself. Share your compliments with that person- it will definitely make them smile!

Compliments Sheet


Today's PATHS activity involves you choosing a colour that you think represents a feeling, for example, red = angry, green = jealous. Using different coloured paints and your finger print (or coloured pencils and a circle) can you create a ‘feeling family’? Once the paint or pen is dry, use a black felt tip draw the feeling features on to it- for example, and angry face would have frowning eyebrows. You can then add arms, legs and hair – be creative and have fun!


Today's PATHS activity is to make your own social awareness poster. Social awareness is the ability to empathise with others and to see things from different points of view. It also involves the ability to solve problems and interact positively with others. It is also important to recognise personal and social boundaries and to understand how your actions can affect others. Have a look at the poster below to give you some ideas. Create your own social awareness poster and include some activities that people could do whilst they are at home.


Today's PATHS task involves thinking about all the things that you love to do or the people that you love. Using the love bug template (or draw your own), can you label all the things that you love? It is important that we remember the positive things from lockdown, and that has been spending a lot of time with our families. Try to focus on the positives!