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Year 6 have had an amazing time in the 'Shakespeare workshop' today.  We have really enjoyed putting our arguments across to see if Macbeth should or should not kill King Duncan.




We are working on writing a short story based on Narnia. Have a look at our WAGOLL to see what is expected in our writing. 

Keep working on your KS2 spellings. Can you spell correctly all of the words on the Year 3 and 4 word list? Can you spell correctly all of the words on the Year 5 and 6 word list? 

Some ideas to help you learn the words

  • Flip 4 Steps: In just 4 steps, your child can practice reading, spelling, and writing his words. Flip over  a word card, look at the word, say it out loud, say the letters, then flip it back over, and write the word on paper.
  • Type it Out: Open up a Word document and have your child type the spelling words on the screen as you call them out.Enlarge the font, make it a cool colour.  

Mrs Ravey has sent us all a letter and proposed that we need to work an extra 4 hours a day on top of our normal school day!

 As you can imagine we were not very happy!  Keep your eyes out for our responses!

Our letter from Mrs Ravey

We are so proud of Rachel's reply to Mrs Ravey