Year 6 had a great time on our trip to Eureka!

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In science this term, we are learning all about light.  We will be learning about how light allows the eye to see, how light travels in straight lines and how light travels from a light source.

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Click on the link below to see a video clip of how we see:

How We See


Why don't you try to make a pinhole camera at home?

How to make a pinhole camera


You will need:

An empty Pringles® tube (complete with lid)

Marker pen, ruler or tape measure

Aluminium Foil

Tape, sandpaper, file 

Tools for cutting and making holes



Remove the plastic lid from your Pringles® tube but don’t throw it away! Ensure the container is clean.

Draw a line with a marker pen all the way around the can – 5cm up from the bottom.




Cut around this line so the tube is in two pieces.*


Make a hole in the centre of the metal base with a nail and hammer.*  Be careful of sharp edges – rub if necessary with sandpaper or a file!




Place the lid on the smaller tube.

Now tape the two pieces together.

You must keep the light out of the tube. Roll aluminum foil twice around you tube and secure with tape.



Now go outside – on a sunny day is best! Close one eye and hold the tube up to your other eye. Try to trap any unwanted light that is getting in. The lid makes a screen that shows you up-side down colour pictures!


Hold your hand below the tube and move it very slowly upward. Your hand is moving up, but you’ll see its shadow move down the screen!