Outdoor Learning

Year 1 Children have spent time reflecting about how we all live in one world which has one sky and took this opportunity to go outside and think about what we see in God’s loving world.



A Midsummer night dream Role Play Year 1




Year 2 investigated the properties of 2D shapes outside.  They had to listen carefully to a description of a shape and then draw what they thought it looked like.

Ruby said "It was fun because there were lots of different shapes we had to draw".

Andrew said "It was interesting because of all the different shapes and their number of sides". 



Year 3 had fantastic fun learning about shadows on the playground. Look at all of their shadows in the photos below. They also made modelled stickmen and drew around their shadow. 


Year 4 children in their Science lesson outdoors, recognised different sounds outdoors and where they could hear the sounds coming from. It raised discussion as to why sounds get louder the closer you are to them and why sounds become muffled if something is blocking the waves. Year 4 had a fantastic Science lesson outdoors listening to the different sounds around them! 



Year 4 which travels faster sound or light?





Here are Year 5 giving their sunflowers some light and water in our school allotment! 






Year 5 planned an investigation with parachutes which they made themselves. They wanted to see if the size of the parachute affected the speed at which it fell? They also tested whether or not the mass of the parachute mattered for the speed at which the parachute would fall! In the photos you see them applying their science skills to this investigation in our beautiful outdoors!