Our Behaviour Policy outlines expectations of behaviour in Holy Spirit. 

The aim of this Behaviour Policy is to ensure that high standards of behaviour are promoted at all times and by everyone at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School. Positive behaviour is always expected and will ensure that every pupil experiences the very best learning possible at Holy Spirit, so that every child achieves the very best they can. We believe that each individual should be valued and treated as an integral member of our school community. Positive and caring attitudes are to be fostered in all aspects of school life, including behaviour, discipline, self-value and respect for others. We at Holy Spirit believe that each and every person should be encouraged to respect the individual uniqueness and rights of others so that everyone can be comfortable within their school environment. We propose to do this by employing a positive attitude to pupil behaviour and developing consistency of approach to the management of behaviour by all staff and pupils.

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Behaviour Policy


Our school rules from September 2020


Our weekly Golden Table! 

Children are chosen each Friday for having excellent behaviour and good manners throughout the week. Doesn't the table look fantastic?