Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Learn. Together we will soar to new heights

Brunswick Street, St. Helens, Merseyside WA9 2JE

01744 678670


Our Holy Spirit Staff


Headteacher: Miss S. Walsh 

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. N Lamble

School Business Manager: Mrs. L. Gilmore

Pastoral Manager: Mrs. S. Winders

Admin Assistant: Mrs. J. Hughes

Caretaker: Mr. A. Haury

Cleaning Staff: Miss B. O’Brien, Mrs. R. Devereux, Mrs. C. Potter, Miss C. Mercer

School Cook: Mrs. J. Darlington

Kitchen Staff: Mrs. C. Potter, Mrs. C. Swift

Midday Assistant: Miss A. Burrows

Year Group

Class Teacher

Support Staff


Mrs. S. Prior (Mrs. B Bretherton)

Mrs. S. Stowell / Miss A. Burrows


Miss M. Ashton 

Mrs. L. Jackson /  Mrs. S. Fitzmaurice  

Year 1

Mrs. E. Martin-Henry & Miss E. Lamb

Mrs. T. Roberts

Year 2

Mrs. C. Bradshaw

Miss J. Caton 

Year 3

Mrs. L. Hodgson & Miss E. Lamb

Mrs. C. Martin 

Year 4

Mrs. C. Sharrock

Miss M. Johnson 

Year 5

Mr. A. Platt

Mrs. J. Derrick 

Year 6

Mrs. S. Phillips 

Mrs G. Moloney

Rainforest Room

Miss V. Green (UTS)

Miss M. Johnson 

Cover  & PPA

Miss V. Green, Mrs. J. Derrick, Mrs. T. Roberts, Mrs. L. Jackson, Mrs. R. Whittaker 

Peripatetic Teachers:

Mr.  J. Cantelejo: Spanish 3 hours a week

Mrs. E. Jones: Dance 2 hours a week & After school club.

Mr. P. Delaney: Keyboard tuition and choir. 

Mrs. L. Pritchard: Counselling 5 hours per week

Progressive Sport: Sport 1 day a week and 1 after school club