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We asked our parents why they chose a Catholic school for their child/ren...

We are Muslims and we share the same principles and beliefs.

Because it is good staff and good management.

To learn about the world we live in and to learn how faith can make you a better person.

To follow our religious beliefs.

Other Religions

Why teach about other Faiths or Religions?

‘In Meeting God in Friend and Stranger’ an article produced by the Bishops of England and Wales it outlines that;
 ‘Within our schools we are seeking to educate all pupils of whatever religion to be able to live a way of life that integrates their beliefs with all other aspects of what it means to be human.  As part of this, they must learn to live alongside others who are different and hold alternative views, including religious views.’

In school we refer to Judaism as another faith because of our shared Christian and Jewish heritage.  Jesus was a Jew.  We refer to Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism as other religions.  These are studied because they have a belief in one God.  Judaism is studied for one week every year whilst the other religions are taught for one week annually in rotation.

We want our children to have a rich and varied experience so visitors and visits to other places of worship are welcomed and encouraged.  Each unit is taught discretely and not in any way comparatively with Christianity.  

Overview of our learning in Sikhism

Age Group 







Early years



Special days/

ritual objects


Recognising Sikhs


Special clothes and sharing


Sikhs’ dress Prasad, Diwali


Sikhs share with everyone


Year 1

FS 1




Guru Nanak


Enjoy stories


Guru Nanak


Guru Nanak was a wise teacher


Year 2

FS 2




Sikh daily life


Our families


Sikh daily life

Family life and prayer is important for Sikhs


Year 3


Places for worship


Gurdwara, langar



Welcoming people


The gurdwara


Special places of worship for Sikhs


Year 4


Holy Books


Guru Granth Sahib


Important books


Guru Granth Sahib and the Gurus


The gurus guide and teach the Sikhs


Year 5


Beliefs and festivals

Baisakhi, the Khalsa, Mool Mantra


Belonging to a group


The Khalsa. One God


The Khalsa show the

Sikh’s commitment


Year 6


Belonging and values


Guidelines for living, sewa


Service to others


Commitment to service, sewa


Sikhs’ concern for others



Hinduism is taught for one week during the year.  Below is an outline of the areas which the children will cover as part of their Come and See work.

We have had lots of visitors into school to help the children to understand about Indian culture and Hindu customs.


Judaism is taught for one week every year. Each year the pupils learn more about how their Jewish sisters and brothers live and what they believe as the theme develops.