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Other Faiths

Why teach about Other Faiths?

We along with the Catholic Church, firmly believe the teaching of ‘Other Faiths’ is important for our children because:

Learning about the religion and cultures of those who do not share the Catholic faith is one of the ways in which we embody the call ‘to love one’s neighbour’.

We seek, through the learning of other faiths to try to understand better the religion of our neighbours, and to experience something of their religious life and culture.

Many of the children in Catholic schools are practicing members of other faiths and our schools need to be places of love and respect for all our children. It is an act of respect and courtesy that our curriculum helps them to reflect on the nature of their own religious identity.

It prepares the pupils in our Catholic schools for life in a modern Britain, giving them an understanding of the beliefs of others. This in turn will improve social cohesion and contribute to the common good by increasing mutual respect between those of different religions.