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“Treat others how you want to be treated” PAThS Golden Rule

Our PSHE subject leader is Miss Victoria Green.


At Holy Spirit, PSHE is at the heart of all we do as research shows the positive impact of an effective PSHE curriculum on pupil attainment and positive outcomes for learners. Our PSHE curriculum is embedded into our whole school ethos and it is a curriculum that will always be developing to ensure that we are providing the most relevant curriculum for our children that reflects the society they live within. PATHS and our community lie at the heart of our PSHE curriculum and we ensure that our children have the opportunity to develop taught skills in real life contexts both within and beyond our school community.



At Holy Spirit, it is our intent that all children will be ‘lifelong learners’ with the confidence and ability to develop their skills and understanding, when having new experiences, meeting new challenges and finding themselves in unfamiliar situations.

Our approach aims to develop the qualities and attributes that children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community. Our intention is for children to leave Holy Spirit with the knowledge, understanding and emotional intelligence to be able to play an active role in society.

We want our children to desire, and have the skills needed, to build positive, respectful relationships with other people, including those who have different beliefs, religions and life choices. Ultimately, our children will have high aspirations and an unfaltering belief in themselves and of their self-worth.



At Holy Spirit we use the PSHE Association along with the PATHS programme: Question Based programme of study to equip our pupils with a sound understanding of risk and the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

PSHE is timetabled weekly across the school.

A curriculum map is given to all staff which has been developed with guidance from The PSHE Association.

Visitors and a number of enhancement/awareness days are used to enhance our PSHE curriculum



We firmly believe that a meaningful PSHE curriculum is the key to children becoming confident, tolerant and well-rounded adults. Children can approach a range of real life situations and apply their skills and attributes to help navigate themselves through modern life. From exposure to a range of global issues and problems, children can build up tolerance and a sense of responsibility of being a global citizen.

From engagement with a variety of Educate and Celebrate texts, children can understand the different lifestyles that people may live and be respectful and tolerant towards those leading different lives to them.

Look at our wonderful PSHE ambassadors.

“Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important. Capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”  -  Ziad K. Abdelnour.

The theme for Anti-Bullying week 2021 was 'One kind word.'

Anti-Bullying work in Holy Spirit - Choose Respect, not bullying!

World Kindness Day - Through kind words and kind actions, we are the 'I' in Kind everyday at Holy Spirit.

The Eatwell (for less) Lunchbox Challenge

Support your child's awareness of healthy eating with this competition from Warburtons and win some great prizes! Click the link below to enter and return your forms to Miss Green before 1st December. Good luck!


UK Parliament Week

UK Parliament Week is an opportunity to connect our children to the people, places and actions that make up our democracy. It encourages them to explore how they fit into the picture and how they can have their say - whatever their age.

Take a look at some of our learning...

Rainforest explored rules and laws - what they are, why we have them , how they're passed and how they keep us safe. We looked at our school rules and discussed any laws that we already knew. We created posters about what 'rules' we think are important in a friendship, like being kind.

Reception introduced the idea of the speaker and Lord speaker through a game of 'The Speaker Says'.
Year 1 looked at 'What is UK Parliament?'. They reflected back facts that they had learnt.
Year 2 explored the difference between UK parliament and UK government before testing their new knowledge!

Year 3 looked at legislation. Why do we have laws and who makes them? They took part in a law-making activity thinking about laws related to or affecting their topic. They thought about what laws they'd make.

Year 4 explored the speaker in the House of Commons, watched a debate from parliament live TV to see them in action and then held a light-hearted debate, with a peer acting as The Speaker. 

Year 5 focused on the theme 'Listen Up!'. Speaking out is really important for democracy, but we need to be able to listen too! They explored UK Parliament week and all it's different parts - they listened closely and enjoyed an interactive true or false quiz.

Year 6 focused on the theme 'Speak Out!' - empowering children to use their voices. They explored UK Parliament week and all it's different parts - learning that the public can speak up to share their concerns, ideas or experience with UK Parliament to make sure their views are heard. Using comic strip template, they told a visual story about a new law they think we should have.

We've been talking PANTS!

We know we have the right to say 'No!' and that a safe adult (that we trust) will always listen to us if something makes us feel upset or worried.


In RSHE, Year 2 recognised the joy and friendship of belonging to a diverse community.

Emergency Service visits - people who help us

The children in EYFS had a wonderful visit from PC Kelly, PC Mario and PC Jack. They learnt lots of information about the important work the police do to keep us safe. Thank you Merseyside Police, St Helens - the children were truly inspired!

Protected Characteristics

We work to ensure that our children understand that:

  • everyone is different
  • we celebrate our differences
  • we are all equal in our differences

The Equality Act protects people against discrimination because of the protected characteristics that we all have. Under the Equality Act, there are nine Protected characteristics.

From these nine, we have decided to focus on:

Age, Disability, Race, Religion/belief, Sexual orientation and Gender (Sex).

We achieve this throughout the curriculum and our reading spine linked to PSHE. There is a focus book each half term to support the theme linked to a protected characteristic. Due to the nature of the topic, the characteristics often link with each other through a given text. Pupils will often lead this through different questions and inquiries and our staff are skilled at facilitating this.

Each class has listened to a story and completed some work as part of our Equality, Diversity and Protected Characteristics learning.

Scan these QR codes to see our children talking about the books they've been reading.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Road Safety Week 

Let’s talk about SPEED.

Five people die on UK roads every day, so why do we still think it’s OK to speed? 

We took part in Road Safety Week and joined the national conversation.

Take a look at some of our learning...

Beep Beep Day! EYFS and KS1 learnt all about road safety on Beep Beep Day, including the importance of car seats, holding hands near a road and crossing safely.

The theme for Anti-Bullying week 2023 - 'Make A Noise About Bullying'. 

Too often, we are silent when we see bullying take place, silent about the hurt bullying causes, and silent when we hear bullying dismissed as ‘just banter’. It doesn't have to be this way. Of course, we won’t like everyone and we don’t always agree, but we can choose respect and unity.

This Anti-Bullying Week, we came together to have discussions about what bullying means to us, how banter can turn into something more hurtful, and what we can do to stop bullying. Together, we can make a difference and take a stand against bullying

We enjoyed a wonderful whole-school Anti-Bullying performance, by OpenViewed, where we were encouraged to 'Make a noise' and to 'turn up the noise' to make sure we're heard.

Children's Mental Health Week

The theme this year is 'My Voice Matters'.

My Voice Matters is about empowering children and young people by providing them with the tools they need to express themselves. When we feel empowered, there’s a positive impact on our wellbeing. Children who feel that their voices are heard and can make a difference have a greater sense of community and self-esteem.  During Children’s Mental Health Week, we wanted all children and young people to be able to say – and believe - “My Voice Matters”

Year 5 welcomed Kevin Dyer from the Arts in Libraries team for some creative, emotion writing based around Children's Mental Health Week. We each created a character and discussed how they might feel (both inside and out). We talked openly about mental health and wrote a story about a character in trouble and how they would problem solve it, incorporating our PATHS learning.

Rainforest shared their proudest moments with each other as part of CMHW - we all know that OUR VOICES MATTER!

Safer Internet Day - we enjoyed a drama performance in KS2 and the Year 5 enjoyed a workshop with Altru about the safeties and dangers of the internet and apps such as TikTok, Fortnite and Snapchat.

Rainforest read a story, called 'Digiduck's big decision' about being a good, responsible friend on the internet, where help arrives just in time for DigiDuck when faced with a difficult decision! 

International Day of Happiness

Holy Spirit is a happy school! Look at our wonderful smiles to share our happiness with you...

Rainforest talked about feeling happy and what makes them happy. We also thought about how we can make others happy and how that would feel too. We thought about things that would make us happy and created some posters.

CO workshop

Year 5 enjoyed a CO workshop learning all about Carbon Monoxide and how to stay safe - we took part in some role play, made some posters, spoke about the dangers of CO, and identified where it originates from around the house.

We've been making pledges to 'Make a noise about bullying' - with lots of acts of kindness!

Holy spirit came together to show solidarity against bullying this week! We wore odd socks and made a noise about bullying. 

Year 5 created some wonderful Anti-bullying posters.

What have we learned in PSHE?

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Year 3 and Year 4

Year 5 and Year 6

Carbon Monoxide Sessions

Year 2 and Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Safety Seymour to learn all about carbon monoxide. We learnt which appliances can give it off, the symptoms of CO poisoning and how to react if we think we have a leak. We each took a CO alarm home to keep us and our homes safe.


Why Bikeability?

Bikeability cycle training equips children with vital life skills. Pupils not only learn to cycle, they gain independence, social skills and a sense of wellbeing.

After Bikeability, children are better at responding to risk and report increased confidence. As a result, more children cycle to school which in turn improves mental health and wellbeing. This allows children to get more out of the classroom, improving their attention span and engagement. Healthier habits lead to increased attendance and improved academic results. Bikeability goes beyond a training course; it impacts children’s lives. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their Bikeability training.

Shine Day

We have been celebrating our differences!

Road Safety Workshops

We had some road safety workshops, across the school, delivered by St. Helens Council.

We enjoyed some drama workshops as part of our Ant-Bullying learning.

Learning to Work - St Helen's Chamber

This programme is designed to provide Year 6 with high quality, early career related learning and personal development support.

What is involved in the Learning to Work programme?

The programme is split into five sessions which run across five half-days, each designed to give our Year 6 children an opportunity to learn about themselves and explore opportunities available for them when they leave school.

The programme aims to encourage curiosity, boost self-confidence and positively change the perceptions pupils may have about themselves by making them realise their own potential.

We enjoyed a careers carousel, where we engaged with various companies to find out more about them - it was very interesting!

Year 2 have participated in the 'Steps for Success' sessions with St Helens Chamber to learn about themselves and explore opportunities available for them when they leave school.


In PSHE, we have been sharing our dreams and goals and celebrating our differences. We thought about our aspirations and how we can achieve them.  At Holy Spirit, we strive to be the very best! Here are some of our children talking about their aspirations.

Sun Awareness week

We have raised awareness around sun safety as part of Sun Awareness week. Each class completed activities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of staying safe.. We had some excellent role models, on the playground, demonstrating how to keep safe in the sun - they wore hats, sunglasses, drank water, used sun cream and stayed in the shade!