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Welcome to Nursery!

Class Teacher - Mrs Prior

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fitzmaurice and Miss Burrows

Our Nursery is such a wonderful place to start your Holy Spirit journey.  We share our provision with the Reception children, and we are all one very big family.  In Nursery we do some focused activities, but the large majority of our learning takes place through play. 

We have lots of fun things to do and we are looking forward to sharing our journey with you!!


In January 2024, Nursery welcomed some new starters.  They are all settling into 'Holy Spirit' life very well, and the older children have been showing them all the exciting and fun adventures that can be had. Well done everyone!!!


Nursery Curriculum 

Nursery Curriculum overview 

For more information about the Nursery curriculum, please click on the curriculum tab of our website. 


Each week your child will bring a reading book home for you to read and share with them.  


Welcome to Reception!

Class Teacher - Miss Ashton

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Jackson, Miss Burrows and Mrs Fitzmaurice

Reception is a really exciting time for both parents and children. During this year we will all work together to ensure that your child will develop a love for learning which they will carry with them for the rest of their school journeys. We provide a nurturing and exciting learning environment to give all our children the opportunity to grow and develop into happy and confident learners. We understand that children learn best when they are interested and intrigued.

I'm sure we are going to have lots of fun this year by trying new activities and sharing exciting experiences together.

 Reception Curriculum 

Reception Curriculum overview 

For more information about the Reception curriculum, please click on the curriculum tab of our website. 


Each Friday your child will receive a new reading book. This is a book that your child will share with yourself and with a member of staff. We expect your child to read it by themselves with encouragement from you. If you could record how they did in their reading diary this will help support your child in moving through book bands. 

Inside your child’s book bag they will have;

  • A reading book
  • Tricky word flash cards
  • Number flash cards

Book bags must be in school everyday and books will be changed every Thursday evening .

Nursery Gallery

Our First Day!

Our Learning in Autumn 1

In the last few weeks we have had a big focus in EYFS on 'People Who Help Us'.  We have had lots of visitors and we have had lots of conversations about what we would like to be.  As part of our PHSE we shared a story called 'I Could Be, You Could Be' by Karen Owen. The story is a little different and is not about Police Officers or Fire Fighters.  Please take a watch and find out what the children would really like to be!!

We have had a very busy half term, after our return from the Christmas break. The children have enjoyed many adventures, exploring, playing and creating.  They have formed friendships and hopefully made some amazing memories. 

What a busy half term! In Spring 2 we invited the parents in for some Easter crafts, and for our wonderful Mothers Day event, the children worked so hard creating their Mother's Day cards and singing a fabulous song. We were very lucky, and very excited to have some Chick eggs and some Caterpillar eggs in EYFS, these supported our learning about life cycles, nine out of our ten eggs hatched to the delight of the children. In our story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' we talked about 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' foods, we even made our own healthy kebabs. We explored repeating patterns and counting one to one from a larger amount, we used Easter eggs to count, there was of course a chocolate reward! The children talked about their Lenten promises and learned all about the Easter Story, enjoying tasting Hot Cross Buns. The children have been amazing!!!

Summer one has been a fabulous half term! We started learning all about space and took a trip to the moon in a cardboard box with the story 'Whatever Next'. The children loved the story and it really got their imaginations bursting with excitement, as we learned more about space.  We also talked about our environment and how we should all be looking after it.  The children particularly enjoyed litter picking around the school grounds. Our final topic was very creative, learning about the work of 'Axel Sheffler'. We shared many stories and appreciated the illustrations, trying to recreate some of the pictures. We used a variety of media including collage, crayons, sponge printing and working with clay. That was especially messy!!! Well done children you truly are superstars!!

Evidence Me

We evidence key assessment moments of your child's learning, these will be shared with you via Evidence Me. We will also share with you the next steps for your child's learning, we would like to invite you to add your own observations linked to the next steps.

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Are you looking for a Nursery or Reception place for your child for this year or 2024? Contact our school office for more information and to pick up a School  Admissions Pack. You can also apply online at www.sthelens.gov.uk/admissions.

For Nursery please also visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk to apply for either 15 hours or 30 hours of funding.

People Who Help Us

Its wonderful to see the Nursery and Reception children playing together, relationships blossom and the Nursery children learn so much from their older, wiser, Reception friends. 

We had a fabulous day celebrating all things Spanish! We talked about Spain and looked at images of some famous monuments. We also had a fabulous dancing lesson, working on some Spanish moves. We were excited to try some traditional Spanish cuisine, the children were not very keen on the olives, but the bread sticks in Aioli was a firm favourite. It was an exciting day and the children shared lots of different experiences. 

A few behind the scenes pictures from Feast Day! I think you'll all agree the children really enjoyed the celebrations! 

Reception Gallery

Our First Day!

Our Learning in Autumn 1

Just like Twiggle, we do what friends do. We play, we help and we share!