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Art and Design

Art and Design

At Holy Spirit we use the prospectus curriculum which includes a DT focus within each topic. The curriculum is sequenced in such a way that builds on prior knowledge, which ensures there is smooth progression of skills. Children build on these skills year on year within the topics they are being taught. There are structured opportunities for DT to be taught within the curriculum.


The aim of our curriculum is to ensure coverage of immersive and interesting topics which also cover the NC requirements across the school. Therefore, we aim to develop both the use of different materials and media in the lessons but also the overall coverage of DT within the school. Further teaching and learning of the understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users is also one of our intended areas of learning. In addition to this, we aim to focus on teaching the children how to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and to learn how to cook. Critical thinking and feedback to peers is also an area we will be working hard to develop and promote within the lessons. Children can do this with confidence now in Art and we will use this critical approach in DT. We have recently purchased a membership to the DT Association to enhance learning in this area.


The DT curriculum helps our children understand the learning has a purpose. The links to the topic ensures that the DT activities are familiar and have meaning. For example, in Y5 during the topic of ‘Walls and Barricades’ children are tasked with three options of creativity during either a POWer project or a class lead activity. Some examples of the design work children can undertake within this topic are:  model making of a castle to show its features and defences, creating a castle, its defences and grounds using Minecraft and inventing a new defence system for a castle. Encompassing the teaching of Design and Technology with skills in Computing also help to enhance the holistic learning of the topic. All teachers use the Prospectus DT focus within their topic planning effectively and with successful links to learning at home with the POWer projects.


The curriculum is creative and aims to bring a sense of awe and wonder to the topics we are teaching. Each DT lesson has a specific learning challenge which is the end goal for that learning, however we aim to challenge children’s understanding and knowledge of DT by letting them explore. We use a progression of skills matrix in order to assess knowledge of DT. This is completed annually with outcomes being used to bridge those gaps. The Prospectus curriculum gives us the tools to create different models which are topic linked. We have seen a positive impact on the children’s engagement with different materials and media in producing some fabulous models throughout the school.   



The Arts at Holy Spirit

Let's get creative!At Holy Spirit we nurture the creativity of our children and we encourage them to produce creative work whilst exploring ideas and using their fantastic imaginations. This year we have invested in Prospectus, a new scheme of work that includes lots of opportunities to include art, cross-curricular.  Here in Holy Spirit, we spend a lot of time on our learning environments to enable our wonderful children to be immersed in the topics that they are currently learning about.

The document below contains the Programmes of Study for the New National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2.  It outlines what is taught in Art and Design throughout the school.

Primary Art National Curriculum 

Art around our school.

Year 4 Roman Artwork

Year 4 enjoyed their Roman topic and created some beautiful mosaics and designed and built Roman Villas. Our new curriculum provides lots of opportunities for enhancing learning at home by allocating Power Points, some of our children have embraced this wholeheartedly and have brought in some amazing pieces such as Roman shields, weapons, mosaics and model villas.


Sketch Books

The national curriculum states, "Pupils in Key Stage 2 should be taught: “to create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas.” Here at Holy Spirit, we have included pupils from Key Stage 1 who are also using sketch books as part of their learning journey. We are developing the use of the sketch book, not only in art lessons but throughout the curriculum and our children are enjoying the freedom to  express, create, develop and learn, often with limited guidance from the teacher. Each piece starts a journey in our sketch books from a point of inspiration, whether it be a famous artist's picture or painting or a piece of writing. We gather ideas, experimenting with different forms, texture, colour and media, building up to a final piece. Here are some  examples of our wonderful children's sketch books throughout this year.

** More images to follow**